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The website is bilingual (English & Bahasa Malaysia). It is best viewed on a PC.
Through the website articles, I hope to share with you my  experiences and the little bit that I know concerning issues in health care service delivery. My thoughts on similar topics are written in the Blog section (accessible from the Left menu bar).

I hope both the blog and the articles will be of benefit to you or at least kindle your interest in the subjects discussed. I welcome comments and queries on any of the blogs or articles ..

Abdollah Salleh

2 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Good work well done doctor. Your articles are very useful especially for s study. I suggest that you publish in pdf with all documents reference details for easy citation and listing in bibliography for futher academic publication. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge and good luck


    1. Thanks. I will try to make it more academic. I intend to make all available on pdf. It is a lot of work though and much more to write about. You can request for an article of your of interest. I will see if I have something to contribute..


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