Welcome to my Website and Blog!

Through the website articles, I hope to share with you my experiences and the little bit that I know concerning issues in health care service delivery. My thoughts on similar topics are written in the Blog section. The articles are on 4 main topics
This website is bilingual with the English version and a Malay version.
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia boleh didapati pada menu tepi sebelah kiri bertajuk VERSI BAHASA MALAYSIA)

I have arranged the articles in a multilevel menu. The entire  topics and subtopics that has been written so far are as shown below:

  1. Overall Clinical Care and the Total Patient Care Concept
  2. Clinical Data Collection (Clerking, History, Physical Examination, Simple Tests)
  3. Data Collection through Investigations
  4. Formulation of Diagnosis
  5. Planning Patient Care (Order sets, Care Plans)
  6. Development of Care Plans
  7. Monitoring, Review and Evaluation
    1. Intake-Output Chart
  1. Healthcare Information Systems
  2. Patient Administration (Client & Visit Registration, Appointments, Scheduling. Admissions, Discharges, Transfers)
  3. Clinical Information System
    1. Clinical Decision Support
    2. Electronic Medical Record
  4. Clinical Support Systems
    1. Pharmacy Information System
    2. Laboratory Information System
    3. Diagnostic Imaging System and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (RIS & PACS)
    4. Intensive Care Information System (Clinical and Automatic Monitoring Systems)
    5. Peri-operative Care Systems (Operation Theatre/Rooms Management & Anaesthsia
  5. Data Management
    1. Retention of Data in Healthcare (Data Retention, Data Migration)
    2. Data Analysis and Presentation
    3. Use of HIS for Learning and Research
  6. HIS Project Implementation
  1. Overall Management of Quality of Care
  2. Quality by Design
  3. Quality Measurement and Control
  4. Quality Improvement
    1. Quality Improvement through Problem Solving
  1. Clinical Governance
  2. Infection Prevention
    1. Aseptic Technique

I hope both the blog and the articles will be of benefit to you or at least kindle your interest in the subjects discussed. I welcome comments and queries on any of the blogs or articles.

Abdollah Salleh

10 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Dear Sir:
    Where is your separate article on medical audit, please? You mentioned in Quality Control without link.


  2. Assalamualaikum doc.
    Im now doing my phd on Healthcare Information System. Have been searching all related works and finding a gap and challenges in HIS implementation in Malaysian Gov Hosp. Im very interested on your blog wrting. Can I approach you for my research reference doc? Tqvm


  3. Dear Abdollah, We have had short contact before. Could we communicate on your preop work in progress? I believe I may have interesting views, i.c. preop starting at the conception of the ‘surgical problem’, Our view is that the doctor writing the consultation letter to the de surgeon should already start preparing the patient for possible surgery. Kind Regards, Hans


  4. Impressive. This is a whole lifetime worth of healthcare IT experience put in writing. A lot more of unwritten wisdom are still with the writer!


    1. Yes, I have a lot more to share. Just that “writing” is tedious and needs perseverance. I am ready to publish on “Intake-Output Chart” and then “Implementation of HIS”. Thanks, for the note. it sure will motivate me.


  5. Doctor,

    May I suggest that you use a Concept Map on your Home Page to navigate through your website?

    The following website has quite a bit of information on Concept Maps to communicate Knowledge, and free software tool to create Concept Maps:





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