Welcome to my Website and Blog!

This website holds the English version. The version in Bahasa Malaysia is accessible at https://daridrdollah.wordpress.com/

Through the website articles, I hope to share with you my experiences and the little bit that I know concerning issues in health care service delivery. My thoughts on similar topics are written in the Blog section. The articles are on 4 main topics

  1. Clinical Care Processes
  2. Information Management in Healthcare
  3. Quality Management in Healthcare
  4. Clinical Governance

I have arranged the articles in a multilevel menu. The entire  topics and subtopics that has been written so far are as shown below:

Entire Article Topics and Subtopics

Menu scheme

I hope both the blog and the articles will be of benefit to you or at least kindle your inte rest in the subjects discussed. I welcome comments and queries on any of the blogs or articles.

Abdollah Salleh


4 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Impressive. This is a whole lifetime worth of healthcare IT experience put in writing. A lot more of unwritten wisdom are still with the writer!


    1. Yes, I have a lot more to share. Just that “writing” is tedious and needs perseverance. I am ready to publish on “Intake-Output Chart” and then “Implementation of HIS”. Thanks, for the note. it sure will motivate me.


  2. Doctor,

    May I suggest that you use a Concept Map on your Home Page to navigate through your website?

    The following website has quite a bit of information on Concept Maps to communicate Knowledge, and free software tool to create Concept Maps:





    1. Thanks for you comment. I actually used the Concept Maps concept for writing and presenting my articles. However, for navigation I choose the multi level drop down menu available in WP Theme 2014. It is the main reason I chose this theme and it doesn’t disappoint. I am sharing knowledge in four main areas i.e. Clinical Care Processes, Information management in Healthcare, Quality Management in Health Care and Clinical Governance, which I placed as titles of the first level menu. The menu levels of each topic menu indicates the hierarchy.
      I will look at your suggestion and I am thinking may be I will put in links of topics and overlay them on a print screen of my home page.
      Thanks for your interest in my site.


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